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Social Engagement


As part of the engagement with the Tamil diaspora, Divya has collaborated with classical Bharatanatyam dancers to let them choreograph a routine based on the idea of tracing the language. This was done remotely and finally recorded (in one case) in person in the local community space. The idea was to have a live performance at some point in the future accompanying her artwork in a show.

Divya is also part of the Tamil Museum project in London which is in its digital avatar at the moment. This is meant to be an archive and a record of the Tamil culture, origins, objects, people, and their histories from all over the world. The Tamil language forms an invisible border transgressing national boundaries including Tamilnadu in South India and parts of Sri Lanka. Owing to the ethnic troubles in the 90s in Sri Lanka there is a huge Sri Lankan Tamil diaspora settled all over the world who look to their language as the proverbial nation.



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