RCA 2021 Painting and Sculpture Degree Show - Satellite Presentation

Cromwell Place, June 23, 2021 - June 27, 2021

Member of the Prick and Stitch Alliance Prick and Stitch is a collaborative project devised by artists Denise de Cordova and Kate Davis. The project developed out of on-going conversations exploring notions of pricking and stitching as common processes present in their respective works.

Recipient of the RCA Gilbert Bayes Trust Sculpture Award 2021, designed for sculptors undertaking post-graduate work, to assist them in their studies.



New podcast weblog intended to give art students from all genres and ages a platform and a voice. To build a community of art students as a useful network for them to take inspiration from.

Sunburnt Zine


Garam Girl Summer is the 2nd edition of Sunburnt featuring work from 30+ contributors. An 80+ paged zine filled with writing, photography, poetry, interviews and art all surrounding the theme of being unapologetically brown.

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The Architecture of Loss: RCA MRes x Architecture Foundation