I am a London based artist from South India. I am currently studying for my Masters in Sculpture from the Royal College of Art (2019 - 2021) after completing my BA in Fine Art from the University of Arts London in 2019 (Wimbledon College of Arts) and a Diploma in Fine Art in 2013.

My work is grounded on the state of present times in terms of world politics, culture, my post-colonial identity and social justice with particular emphasis on the status of women and migrant communities. It is a way for me to think about the histories, cultures and back stories that shaped the world in its current form.

My research-based practice moves across various media and art forms, including video, performance, ceramics and sound that questions the status quo and aims to re-imagine the notion of ‘belonging’. The autobiographical and fictional narratives in my projects explore infinite and unforeseen possibilities for our entanglement with each other. I present a multiplicity of viewpoints and voices through the lens of my experience of living in and between different spaces, cultures and languages. With this in mind I make installations that are related to existing reality and yet at the same time point beyond it. Each work is treated like a separate project and is approached using different perspectives depending on the theme, space that its being shown in, the materials used and how the viewer might navigate around it.

Each of the projects I undertake is a process of unravelling something that starts small with an idea or an image to something that takes on a personality of its own. I use materials such as wood, fabric, plaster, metal, wool, found objects, and clay to create unusual forms. I also work with text and treat these inscriptions like they are one of the many physical objects I use. This way my sculptures hope to build a dialogue with the architecture to make for compelling installations.

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