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Blueprint of Hope

Tufted wool and acrylic yarn on Hemp with found objects and clay sculpted objects with Miyuki glass beads

300 x 220 cms, 2024


Drawing inspiration from the vibrant homes of Tamilnadu, which themselves laid the groundwork for the 80s Memphis design movement in the US, Divya’s tufted piece is reminiscent of a flat pack home that serves as a canvas for creating a fantastical world, where lost opportunities are reimagined and new possibilities take shape.

Divya’s work is guided by spontaneity and intuition, and she hopes to transfer the same sense of magic that she felt while making this piece to the viewer.   By sharing her journey she invites viewers to explore and dream alongside her, igniting their imaginations and sparking conversations about resilience, cultural heritage, and the power of creativity to shape the future.

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