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Truth Lies Somewhere Between Zero and One plaster, fabric with screenprint, wooden frame, paper numbers and video projection, 2019

This installation was an attempt at understanding the current mood of the events in the world we are experiencing. In her quest for understanding, Divya was introduced to the work of Jacques Derrida’s work and his contribution to the notion of ‘Post Modernism’. Postmodernism does not trust any one story or account to give meaning to all of life. It is not a rejection of truth but a rejection of totalizing truth. It does not recognize one capital T truth as in something that is universal, something that has to be accepted or you are considered irrational. Derrida through his ‘deconstruction’ says postmodernism is the quest for justice. It is afraid of people who have power over a single narrative about T (Truth). It is sympathetic to the marginalized, those that do not have the power over the T narrative. He is saying this but could mean that. We invent these things called binaries; good/bad, right /wrong, gay/straight. The installation used the binary of computer code 0 and 1 to visualise the idea.

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