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You Will Always Be With Me I

tufted acrylic wool on muslin fabric, 110 x 120 cms, 2021

The Prick and Stitch Alliance Residency at the Standpoint Gallery was a turning point in Divys’s practise. For this end of residency show, Divya has taken an image of an epigraph or rock carving of the proto-Tamil script that is carbon dated to be 2000 years old (from Tamilnadu India) and have got it digitally printed it on muslin cloth. She then used needle punch embroidery to mimic the process of carving to trace the letters of the language and thus find a (re)connection with her ancestors and heritage that is so familiar yet so elusive. The words ‘You will always be with me’ is needle punched into the cloth reminiscent of graffiti. 


Divya has continued this with a series of ‘mental maps’ printed on muslin and worked on with tufted embroidery.

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