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Fragmented Realities II

mirrored acrylic, 2021

This installation is made up of 11 free standing mirrored acrylic cut outs. These mirrored acrylic objects are made up drawings of entangled letters of the Tamil alphabet string that have been vectorised and laser cut onto the mirror. Divya uses mirrors to draw upon their powerful symbolism and their use in art history in working with complex ideas of the gaze and identity. She understands they are a kind of mirror-maze, where they find themselves searching for a sense of who they are, much like herself. There is a sense of endless circularity and repetition with the fragmented mirrors reflecting its surroundings, a disjointed labyrinth of perception and reality. Yet, despite their disorientation, despite not knowing where they are in terms of up or down or left or right, they still stand upright. They convert their limitation to access and power.

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