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Fragmented Realities I

wallpaper series, 5 metre rolls, 2021

Divya was inspired by David Abrams ‘The Spell of the Sensuous’ and Walter Mignolo and Catherine Walsh’s ‘On Decoloniality’. David Abrams talks about language having a primordial link with nature and that it was with mimicking nature that we learned to make words with sounds. But it was when language became less phonetic with a written script that was when the link with nature and humanity was broken. In the book ‘On Decoloniality’, the authors dissect the foundations of colonialism and talk about the three pillars of colonialism being Racism, Sexism and Nature. It was through the control and management of knowledge that this colonial matrix of power was created, managed, transformed and controlled. They argue that nature and culture are two concepts that make no sense in non-western indigenous cultures.


Her wallpaper series was a response to this assertion.

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