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Bending of Time

video projection, digital print, 2019

In this work Divya explores the cyclical nature of time and relationships. She tries to express, in a non-sentimental way, the surreal nature of time’s unrelenting movement away from us, and how we have to catch ourselves at certain milestones, to remind ourselves of time going by. She attempts to capture the essence of one such milestone.

She enlarged an old photo of her mother that was taken just before she was born and made an installation, superimposing a video of herself standing (still) in front of the life sized photograph. When the one minute video ends and loops again there is a pause of 3 seconds where one can glimpse the photo behind her just for those two seconds.

Divya references her mother here because she feels really that the post partum state is never over. It is in a space of continuum, the child and mother moving further away, always connected, ever closer, always in flux. She looks back into the past trying to make sense of the chronology of events, relationships with a sense of regret and pride but also ahead looking forward to her own child’s future, possibilities and adventure.

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